Red Sam on a Monday morning. Did he forget to tweet again? Oh dear.

Red Sam on a Monday morning. He forgot to schedule the tweets. Again. Oh dear.


We help people like Red Sam to handle their company’s social media. From basic training to running advanced social media compaigns, we can save your life (and make you money at the same time).

We work with SMEs, charities and individuals across the major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and more.

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Major Problems Faced by Organisations…


  • You’ve been told social media works, but you don’t know HOW!
  • You just don’t have the time! 
  • You can do one account, but two are impossible! 
  • Your content is SO boring. How do you ENGAGE?
  • Why aren’t your followers increasing! You’ve already spent loads, but nothing happened. WHY?
  • You’ve heard Snapchat is great, but need another opinion – is it worth it? 
  • You’re considering running a Facebook Ad. How much should you spend?


  • Social media works; but not for everyone. We’ll show you how.
  • We can train you how to manage your social media – or we can run it for you.
  • We create new content all the time. Let’s teach you how to do it too. We can even develop a SCRIPT that you can use.
  • Followers might not be the most important thing; we’ll work that out for you if it’s important for your sector.
  • Snapchat is great – if that’s where your audience is. Let’s go and find them!



We can train you to deliver high-quality social media campaigns. We will carry out a Needs Analysis and match you with your ideal social media platforms and connect your content with your intended audience using the right tools.

Social Media Setup

From setting up a Facebook Page, to tweaking your Twitter Header, we can amplify your brand across social media platforms. A small cost for a big gain.

Events & Campaigns

Events are great opportunities to supercharge your online presence. It’s amazing what one day can do for your company’s image. And we can match it with an offline traditional PR campaign. Win win!

Social Media Management

We can manage all your social media across all social media platforms and we can even respond to queries on your behalf. It’s a high-quality yield service that’s perfect for the growing business.

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