The British Muslim Heritage Centre

On Sunday the 19th of April 2015, our Creative Director, Zahid Hussain, delivered an advanced Social Media Workshop at the world-renowned British Muslim Heritage Centre in Manchester, UK. Nestled in 8 acres of lush greenery, the BMHC was a fitting venue for a unique training programme that initiated beginners and advanced users of social media into the heady world of high-octane social media delivery.

Zahid, who hails from an IT background, has run Digital PR campaigns which have reached millions in Tweet Reach using a complex array of tools. The day’s’ objective was to push back the figurative curtain and reveal what a wizard of Oz digital media gets up to…

“My aim was to show ordinary people – as well as those who work in the glare of public life – how to master this ever-changing landscape. The central message I wanted them to take home was that you need to have the right mind-set to maximise your reach. With the right foundation, you can build very complex marketing campaigns.” Zahid Hussain

The Participants

The attendees included a Labour MEP (Afzal Khan), Manchester Councillors, local community groups and the Greater Manchester wing of the European Movement. All in all, around thirty people attended the programme, which started innocently enough by focusing on the mind-set needed to master social media and culminated in the later afternoon by honing in on a complex exercise that covered the Digital PR for a fictitious EU Referendum across multiple social media platforms. Phew!

There is no replacement for experiential learning that is amassed through undertaking many hours of training and a blog can barely do it justice. After all, this is telling as opposed to showing and more importantly, doing. However, we hope this blog will serve as a permanent aide memoire for those who attended and it will offer an insight to others.  So, what was so unusual about this programme that prompted one attendee, an experienced and successful Instagrammer to write in an email:

“…such a great programme. Everyone said it was brilliant!”

The Day’s Agenda

The Day was split into five sections, each one building on the previous and these stages were the following:-

  1. The Mind-set. Values
  2. What is your story? Who are you? Identity
  3. What do you talk about? Content.
  4. How do you stay in control? Scheduling & Automation.
  5. How do I know it’s working? Evaluate & Modify.

The Next Few Blogs

The next few blogs will build on the content of each and introduce powerful new tools to the reader as well as the usual suspects such as Hootsuite. However, the participants were introduced to powerful aspects of Hootsuite that few fully maximise.

As each future blog is added, each number (above) will be converted into a hyperlink so that visitors to this web site can learn for themselves and build their own skill base, empowering them for the long-term.

Please note, that our aim is not to replace say, Social Media Examiner or Jon Loomer, but to present something very different, which presents not only the thinking behind the thinking (meta-thinking), but also an holistic array of tools that will develop, in depth, a Digital PR team for companies, charities, social enterprises and the public sector. Our approach, we believe, is not dependent on platform, but rather on story. It is the simplest thing in the world and perhaps the hardest too.

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