Our Creative Director, Zahid Hussain, received an award from the Pakistan Consulate in Manchester for our work on the Pakistan Parade earlier this year. We delivered this campaign as part of our on-going pro bono work. The Consul General, Zahoor Ahmed, presented the award to Zahid Hussain alongside two North West MEPs, Afzal Khan MEP (Labour) and Sajjad Karim MEP (Conservatives).

The Awards Ceremony formed part of a wider event celebrating the advent of Christmas by the Pakistani Diaspora community in Manchester.

After receiving the award, Zahid Hussain stated:

“The Social Media campaign for the Pakistan Parade 2015 was initiated at a very late date – we had something like six weeks to put it all together. Script Social Media worked with a group of volunteers without whom the social media campaign would not have succeeded. I would like to thank them for their incredible support in September, especially on the day itself. There were eight of us on the ground on the 19th of September and we learned a great deal from running such an intense campaign, which smashed through the 1 million tweet reach mark on the day and continued to rise in the days following the Parade.

“One of the key lessons that Script Social Media drew from the day was that we will, in future, need power banks for each individual engaged in a campaign like this. We have amassed a great deal of experience over the last 12 months or so in running social media campaigns; this was the first one we delivered where we were not in a room or hall and all the team members were walking alongside floats. Prior to the event, each volunteer was asked to bring their smartphones at full charge, yet in the space of two hours every single phone was completely depleted of energy. One power bank and the timely arrival of volunteers in the latter part of the day provided the extra impetus we needed to bring the day to a satisfying climax on social media.”

Script Social Media works on a number of pro bono projects each year, which provide invaluable experience to individuals who are interested in a creative career in Digital PR. For more information about the work that we do you may contact us here.

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