We are delighted to announce a new client to the growing Script Social Media portfolio of SME clients.; SATA (Silverdale Accountants & Tax Advisors). This is the third financial services client that we have taken on over the last 12 months.

Which services will we be providing?

We are providing enhanced social media management services for SATA including Facebook, Twitter and Google+ support. We shall also be providing first-level customer service – this service is proving popular with many SMEs and small organisations. Our forte is developing scripts for clients that often also function as useful FAQs for customer queries.

More about SATA

SATA bring an abundance of accounting knowledge to the table. As well as providing traditional and trusted accounting services, they also offer something extra They have exceptional experience in dealing with HMRC queries and advising on taxation concerns which many large firms would struggle to emulate. In fact, we spoke to one of their clients who confirmed that SATA had dealt with a complex query and saved them from a number of penalties. In fact, it is this breadth, depth and responsiveness to clients’ queries that sets them apart. They expertly handle self-assessment accounts as well as multi-million multi-geographic accounts for larger companies.

How are we developing their social media presence?

Accountants and financial service providers have to be very careful about the information that they share due to client confidentiality. However, there is increasing pressure on all companies to be more communicative, particularly on social media. Most companies do not have the time to maintain a constant dialogue on social media. However, clients want more added value in an increasingly competitive market. Therefore, we need to share SATA’s narrative across their social media channels on a continual basis, drawing in new clients and provide added value to existing clients. We shall grow the account cautiously, wisely and maintain its brand reputation.

How can other Financial Services SMEs find new clients?

In our experience, nothing beats word-of-mouth; a great source of new clients is usually existing clients. The best thing any business can do is to approach existing clientele and ask for a solid referral. Following that, a website is a decent investment. Social media can bring new customers; the truth is that few SMEs have the time and knowledge to build their presence on social media and established agencies are often too expensive, even in the short-term. As we also offer web design and search engine optimisation services, companies like ours offer cost-effective social media solutions that will reach more people and ultimately keep your bank manager happy.

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