We’ve been proud members of the GM Chamber for almost two years. In that time we’ve managed – we don’t know how – to put together a couple of articles for them and the members of the chamber. So, here’s a roundup of those stray articles:

We’ve got a huge pile of articles that we’re intending to write this year to catch up with our blog – 2016 was a very busy year for us.

The Chamber houses its blog separately from the main website. This has always confused us; we think it’s an historic thing – a legacy of how things were at the chamber before its fairly recent shakeup. We still think it needs to bring its blog, which is the true voice of its members into its main portal. That isn’t simply because the GM Chamber exists, as far as I know, to serve its members, but also because most of the traffic that is generated is not to the blog, but the Chambers main web site. When we take a glance at the web stats, there’s an order of several tens of millions in Alexa ranking between the two.

The GM Chamber is quite proud of regularly announcing that it is the largest chamber in the UK with something like 5,000 members. That’s pretty cool and that’s one reason we joined. In terms of its focus, we realised early on that it wasn’t the main focal point for small startups like ours, but rather more for well established businesses. That was one of the key reasons we have widened our frame of reference to include the TIE Network, which we think is amazing – and of course, the Federation of Small Businesses, which needs no introduction.

We look forward to working with all these different networks this year.

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