What is the Secret of Social Media?

We are enticed by the notion that there might be a secret that once known, will change everything. We hope this secret will make our life easier and with it we’ll be able to conquer the wild, untameable beast which is social media.

Let’s take a step back and approach this puzzle obliquely.

Social Media platforms are going to change. In fact, we just heard about a new update to Facebook Pages today. If there is a secret then it is something woven into the very fabric of social media, without which social media is an empty feast.  This something is the engine which powers social media. It isn’t a piece of software, the Internet, or anything like that.

It’s story. That’s the thing which brings clarity and structure to our clients. It gives them that epiphany and the chance to understand what their story really is. It may only take a few words to articulate, but what a difference that story makes. If you can get that basic story right the rest is straightforward.

We are a group of elderly people living in a rundown area of the city. We wanted to do something to bring hope to the area and so we set this up and we were surprised and amazed at the support people have given us.  Now, our home isn’t so rundown. Life is better older.”

Life is better older.

We found bikes abandoned in the alley behind our home and realised they’d been stolen. Local thieves must have found it a convenient place to dump them. Anyway, a bunch of us decided to fix up the bikes. We found out who some of the bikes were from and we gave them back. The word got round and soon young people wanted to join us and help us fix the bikes. That brought jobs and a new confidence. And the theft of bikes went down. We fixed a bike and ended up fixing the town.

We fixed a bike and ended up fixing the town.

Now, you know the secret, what follows isn’t as easy. The question now becomes, well how do you frame your story to fit the confines of different social media platforms? Is it appropriate, realistic even to have a presence on ten platforms? Is is needed? Well, welcome to Script Social Media. We hope to share our knowledge and in return we hope to learn from you and together we hope that the blight of vapid content will fade (although it is unlikely) and people and organisations will become more authentic over time. And so we hope.

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